Business As Unusual

hand foiled card form text from a friend says 'I Miss Your Face'

Well. Who'd have thought we'd be here? Wondering what day it is. Trying to keep a sense of normality going. Attempting to stick to a somewhat nonexistent routine and trying not to turn day into night.

As well as thinking of all the things we could be doing in this downtime.

Then not managing to do them.

And feeling annoyed with ourselves for not getting them done.

It's a vicious circle isn't it? But we're surviving and we will all come out the other side of this. For better or worse and discovering more about ourselves and others. Everyone has been impacted and we can only keep going.

Business as usual 

When all this kicked off I sat back, watched and listened, and waited to see what to do. I kept my website open for orders until we had more information on the protocol and also what services would shut down completely.

It's amazing that Royal Mail has been able to continue services alongside all of the keyworkers and NHS staff. Sales of online cards have gone through the roof as people revert to traditional methods of staying in touch.

Thanks to them, and customers, I was able to continue sending orders with reduced post office runs whilst working on my own as usual which meant I was taking all the precautions required. 

Write and send

I think the slower pace of life, the personalisation, the joy of receiving a card with some handwritten words in the post makes it all a bit more special.

And the added bonus is that a lot of receivers have framed my cards that people have sent.

I've written some really sad notes in the cards for loved ones who have friends who've lost someone, plenty of congratulations on engagements and pregnancies, as well as new babies arriving in the world. Some from grandparents who are isolating and can't see the little ones in person.

There's been lots of Shit You're Getting Old wishes, Sending You A Ray Of Fucking Sunshine messages and too many Wish You Were Here's and I Miss Your Face.

It's been a pleasure to pass on some tiny bits of comfort handwritten inside some posh paper to make someone's day.

If you need to send a card (or something else) direct to someone then you know what to do. Buy it, add the note at checkout and I'll send it for you.

I have no words just hugs card

sending you a ray of fucking sunshine hand foiled card

shit you're getting old birthday card 



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