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When was the last time you sent a letter to someone? 

No. We’re not talking about a complaint letter. I should know as I’ve had to write my fair share of those recently. But that’s another story.

We’re talking about a proper hand written, pen and paper letter. Posted to someone in the post for no other reason than to say hello, tell them you are thinking of them or sharing your news.

Yeah, I can’t remember either. And I sell greetings cards for a living. So why not practice what I preach. Right?

National Letter Writing Month

April is National Letter Writing Month. Although started by the United States Postal Service it’s now adopted around the world. 

Who needs an excuse to write a letter? Well, actually, most of us do as it’s a dying art form. 

Letter Keepsakes

A hand-written card or note is a gift. It’s also a keepsake that people will tuck into a book or stash away inside a box of keepsakes. Looking back at these can make people smile and remember those times. It’s all about the feels isn’t it?

Digital versus handwritten

We are so used to sending emails, texts and messages via social media platforms that to see some handwriting written and delivered by post is a lovely sight.

At least we know it’s not a bill.

That’s definitely a bonus. 

Send a Card

Many of my card designs are perfect for letting people know you’re thinking of them. There’s the I Miss Your Face card, This Is Better Than A Text or a simple Hello.

Or maybe you want to send someone a birthday message. There’s plenty of those available plus I’m working on some designs as we speak. 

New notecards range now available

I had many requests for some notecard designs from customers. So I’ve created a new range that can be used to jot down a simple short note to say thanks, hello or arranging a long overdue get together.

There are many ways to send a letter this month and over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some blogs with a few ideas. 

Start writing today

Send a little something in the post and make someone’s day. Let’s face it we could all do with some cheering up considering what’s going on the world. 

Send a card, it lasts longer than a text.

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