Introducing Doric cards for the quines and loons.

I know that the title of this blog may leave quite a few of you wondering what the hell Im talking aboutlet me explain.  

Doric, for the majority of us who dont know, is the local dialect of North East Scotland, in particular the Aberdeen area. Many locals have kept it alive all these years and the bus service even has well known phrases inside it.  

Its impressive history harps all the way back to Ancient Greek and bygone times 2000 miles away but its very much alive and kicking today. 

So much so that a few months ago I was contacted via my Instagram account from the owner of Teasel and Tweed, a really cool gift shop in Aberdeen. They wanted to stock some of my cards but they also wanted me to commission me to create some unique designs for them. In Doric of course.  

How could I say no. Cue a bit of googling and the quick lesson so I could familiarise myself with said unheard of language. They sent me over some of the most popular phrases that would look great on a posh card, with some lovely rose gold foiling of course.

exclusive rose gold foil designed for teasel and tweed

If youre in the area go check them out or buy some of their unique Doric cards online. And if you fancy learning some Doric Im sure theyll teach you a word or two.

P.S. In case you're wondering about the title still, quines means girls and loons means boys. If you fancy checking out some more phrases then take a read at this.

        flitting card in doric which means moving house   

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