Jack Daniels, a groom and a wedding day gift.

What more could the groom to be ask for? Especially when it's a bottle that can be personalised with a unique message. This extra special single barrel whisky was featured on The Scottish Wedding Directory's website and I was so chuffed to have one of my cards showcased alongside this infamous brand in a gorgeous photoshoot.

I was recently asked to share my new wedding collection range of cards with the Scottish Wedding Directory when they found me online and got in touch. The powers of t'internet eh? I couldn't be more proud to see my work featured with them for the first time. 

The Wedding Collection was produced over the summer and I had no idea how popular the cards would be. They are definitely up there as the top sellers and I'm already working on some new phrases to add to the list. When you design something you never really know how popular it'll be and some cards hit the mark whilst others don't. So it's taken me by surprise so much so that I'm expanding the range. 

I'm also seriously thinking about designing some stationery too. As an art director in my day job I've designed a lot of stationery for weddings, parties and business cards over the years which have been one off unique projects, however, offering exclusive unique lovely foil invitations have been swirling around my head for some time. Now I just need to find the time to get some scribbles down on paper and start producing something. 

If you're not a Bridezilla and would like to get some seriously stylish stationery designed then get in touch. (If you are Bridezilla inclined then I'm sure we can put your fears and concerns to rest with a few chats and some wine).

As if I don't have enough work to do , although I do like a To Do List that has a million things on it...there's also the fear of will it be appealing or won't it...the wedding market is huge out there but one thing to remember is no one is me. So that's belief in itself right? Have faith I say ;)

Photography: Eve Conroy
Flowers: Cherry Blossom
Personalised bottle: Jack Daniels
Feature: Scottish Wedding Directory 

as seen on scottishweddingdriectory.co.uk 2017




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