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Who are you/what do you do?
Hi, I'm Nic, I am the Founder and Creative Director of Disco Dust London the Biodegradable glitter company @discodustlondon, and also a makeup and textile artist (and occasionally also a yoga teacher).

Is there a story behind the name (if it's not your own?)
I think its quite self explanatory. 'Disco Dust' is kinda a metaphor as well as literally a sparkly dust, like you could sprinkle it on someone and make them feel amazing about themselves like dancing at a disco!

How old is the business and how did you get started?
Three and a bit years old now! 

I started by accident as I studied fashion and textile design at uni. For my final project I made body pieces, jewellery and hair pieces using fake hair and up-cycled parachute chord and wrapped the hair and chord in silks and wools to create intricate 3-D sculptures that were worn originally over silk dresses. 

This lead onto hair braiding and wrapping and doing pop ups with drop in hair wrapping bars, one day my friend said 'oh I'm doing a LGBT event, could you bring some glitter too?' and that was the beginning...

I went on to offer glitter and hair braiding pop up bars on the weekend between assisting photographer Liz McBurney and had an accident at an event one night when someone spilt hot oil on my leg. I got some compensation money and this funded my first trade show then it all kind snowballed from there!

Do you have a style? What are you known for?
The DD insta bio reads 'We hope to inspire people to create, be free and have fun, no matter who they are.' I'd like for this to be something that both myself and Disco Dust is known for through the branding and stories.

Who/what/where inspires you?
I am inspired by colour combinations, Instagram, Pinterest, generally collecting weird bits and pieces, weird and wonderful personalities and stories, interesting faces and unique people.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A window cleaner! ahah I'm not actually joking - I used to watch them on the way to school and think it looked really relaxing!

What advice would you give your younger self?
Don't worry too much ☺️

How did you learn your craft?
Self taught! Thats why I did it really, I wanted to learn how to run a I am still learning :) 

What do you do on your days off?
Well recently during isolation I've been learning to cook something new every week, practicing yoga, creating makeup looks, dressing up, dying my hair, enjoying the parks...I love travelling usually and am obsessed with snorkelling/scuba and the sunshine.

Biggest highlight or achievement to date?
Getting stocked with Harvey Nichols was pretty epic...also working with some of my fave mua's and photographers like the shoot I did with Bea Sweet and Felicity Ingram was really special, Felicity let me help her develop the photos in her darkroom and it was so lovely, I'll never forget that and would love to work with them again one day ☺️

Struggles you encounter? How do you solve them?
Currently going through money struggles, like a lot of people right now during this strange time. I drink a lot of herbal tea as a meditation and try not to overthink it, stay present, breathe and remember that it's just comes and goes... 

What sparks joy in what you do?
Seeing my creation captured really well in a photograph or video is a lovely feeling. I love working on shoots, meeting new people, doing their makeup, creating a product or a vision and getting the photos back, or when you show someone their makeup and they love it, it's addictive and it's been the most fun part of what I do I think.

Dream stockists/brand to collaborate with?
Ooof good question! I'd love to work with BeautyStack, Keash Agency, or The Digi Fairy (again) ☺️

Any lessons you'd pass on?
I'd say to always keep learning and treat everyone how you'd like to be treated.

What's next for you and your business?
For me personally I would love to go more into freelance creative direction, makeup or production, I'd like to make Disco Dust more of a creative hub to celebrate people through photoshoots and other dimensions as well as through glitter, watch this space... 💗

Find Disco Dust London:
Instagram: @discodustlondon 

Facebook: discodustlondon


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