The Fedrigoni 365 Book

For designers and paper lovers alike, this is the book of the year. Last year I  missed the deadline for getting on the shortlist for the brief but this year was a different story.

The brief was also switched up a little this year with participants being sent a number and a word that was left to us to interpret however we liked. The only spec was the size and the artwork submissions.

Let the games begin

So where do you start? Read the brief of course. Then make some initial quotes or scribbles and list or answer those immediate questions and thoughts. I then tend to let that seed be planted in my head and go off and do many other things. 

Usually most that are not related at all to coming up with an idea as that's how those lightbulb moments work isn't it?

The final book

I had no idea if my design would be successful or not and was surprised when I received the email to say so. That's when the impatience starts as you can't wait to see your design in print alongside all of the others and to see what your fellow designers came up with.

When it arrives in the post that's the best part. The smell of the print, your name in the's quite an honour.

The Fedrigoni 365/2021 was printed on the Ricoh digital five colour Pro C7200 x machine. This allowed each book to be completely unique from cover to cover. It was printed using neon and CYMK inks onto papers from the Fedrigoni digital collection.



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