kids hands pushing a metal block die for foiling on a cloud background
Meet the new kid on the block.

It's been a few years in the making and we are almost at the launch line. Hurrah! At last says me. I've talked about doing this for the past 3 or 4 or 5 years and never found the time to getting round to creating this little sidekick.

Running my design studio, Caddie + Co. alongside Text From A Friend does take up quite a bit of time - so why not add another brand to look after! I must be mad but either way I'm chuffed to be doing it.

My little 6yr old niece Skye wasn't content with just helping to pack the Text From A Friend orders so we had an idea to create her own range of stationery. You're never too young to start are you?

This new mini brand has been in my head for several years and Skye and I have had many chats about colours, what the products would be and what they would look like. Now the day has come as we've slowly worked on some designs since last year and tested them out.

We're kicking off with some greetings cards and notecards, then some wrapping paper, prints and potentially some merch. We have a long list of ideas to sift through and make big (and small) decisions about what we're going to do but we're chuffed to be doing it.

So here we are. Well, almost. The launch is happening in a few weeks. I've aimed for Friday 25th August and all being well we will be good to go!

behind the screen scribbles of the text from a kid brand
A small but mighty little person.

My little niece and I have always scribbled, painted and created art projects over the years. Despite me telling her she could go to art school (just like I did), she's not convinced. Since she was 2yrs old she's always said she wanted to be a vet. 

I don't doubt this as she has an amazing love for animals and knows so many facts about them that never fails to surprise me.

There's been many a time I have googled what she tells me and she is always right!

Here's an example of some insect chat she shares with me.

Skye: Did you know that a honey bee has a second stomach?
Me: Ummmmm really?
Skye: Yes. It's like a little lunchbox as that's where they store the nectar to take back to the hive.
Me: Ohhhhh I had no idea! (googles it and she's right, as always).

Little steps, big moves

I've always loved kid's scribbles and how they love to make their own works of art. When they hand over their pieces of paper made just for you it's always a welcome addition to the fridge or wall until the next one comes along and the space gets updated. 

Usually they'll have a favourite colour or two, in Skye's case, nine, and will want to throw in some glitter to finish it off. Safe to say there's no glitter in the Text From A Kid collection. I hope that won't be famous last words though!

We began to use small scraps of folded paper to make cards on to say hello to people and now we're taking it one step further so you can send them to people for when you want to say happy birthday, I love you or something that is more emoji style and you can write your own witty words inside.

You know how kids love to draw many shapes, hearts, flowers, clouds and always facial expressions? Well that's exactly the type of drawings that have been created for our shiny new collection.

a kid writing love you on a large pad with oil pastels

Make it personal

You'll also be able to take us up on forever capturing your kid's scribbles. How awesome is that! We're going to be offering a personalisation service where their handwritten name or drawing can be hot foiled onto their very own card designs, notecards and writing sets. 

How cool will that be? I know. We agree too. 

Your little artist creates some art, you send us the artwork or a hi res scan, we set it up and order the block die, print it and pack it up for you.

A great idea for a lasting gift that can be printed whenever you need a top up or framed so you can always admire their handiwork.

Launching this month

So let's not keep you in suspense any longer...well...for a few weeks yet.

Here's where you can be added to our mailing list:

Sign up here

...and you'll be the first to see our brand new collection when it goes live.

We can't wait either ;)

Small but mighty. Always.


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