At this time of year, small independent businesses and those on our high street need the support of customers. It's easy to shop online with the big retailers. You know who I mean and I'm guilty of it too for the convenience. But spare a thought for how you can shop local and support your community.

I know how much it means to me when I get orders online or have my independent stockists place another order. It's what makes us all that little bit more successful. And happy of course. Some even do a dance.

Although I really dislike that very social media quote that goes around. That and the phrase 'girl boss'. Why does it have to be gendered? I digress, that's another post, isn't it? Sorry if you love it. In reality, what a sale does do is that it helps pay our bills and keeps our businesses going from strength to strength. And I couldn't be more thankful than that.

Now that Halloween has been and gone, the stream of Christmas adverts has started and this one from Visa just hits the mark for small local businesses. I'm an art director so have worked on many TV adverts over the years and always love to see new ads as they had dwindled a bit over the years with brands ploughing their money into digital. 

Made by Saatchi & Saatchi London, it features 13 local shopkeepers and a classic Queen anthem. The message 'Where You Shop Matters' is about supporting your local community and your high streets. They also have a competition where your business can enter to recreate a copy campaign featuring themselves. Go check it out and enter before the closing date on 1st December.


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