What's that I hear you say? Let me tell you about it. Holly Tucker recently called out to find small businesses to take part in the Holly & Co Small Business Inspirator Programme. I was chuffed to be chosen to be part of it as I'm a big fan of Holly's podcasts.
The team are running it as a Pilot Scheme and their objective is to redirect some of their marketing budget back into the small businesses involved and we Inspirators share the brilliant podcasts to reach new audiences who haven't heard them.
Holly is the UK's biggest champion for small business and interviews some amazing businesses that all started the same we way did. Sometimes from a kitchen table or a side hustle, and sometimes born out of neccessity or by accident. 
This Podcast Project brings together our creative community and through this I've made some new online friends, found some talented people and have had the opportunity to buy products from them and in turn support them too. Paying it forward is always the way isn't it?
The podcast I wanted to share with my insta audience was the one with Sir John Hegarty. Holly interviewed him for her podcast last year on 3rd June and if you want to spark your brain with some creative juices then go listen.

I listened to this again yesterday while printing orders and thinking of the new stuff I’m working on. He talks about the importance of building a brand and how when the world zigs you should zag. That’s what makes you different and stand out. That’s what people want to see, to feel and to connect with you. It’s also about going back to basics when you’re in a funk about what you should be doing. Go back to the truth he says.

I’ve been a fan of Sir John as my background is in the advertising world. I’m an art director and have created several tv and radio ads over the years (none as famous as his Nick Kamen laundrette ad for Levis may I add) but the process is all the same.

A few years ago I got to meet him and he agreed that ‘gut instinct’ is the most important thing you can have. He even signed my book with that.

It reminded me of when I was at art school and as part of final degree show I wanted to blow up my handwriting across my display area. I was told not to do that and went with the tutor’s advice.

I ignored my gut.

Fast forward and I’m now making a living from my handwriting. Each one of my cards is my handwriting, made into metal dies and then hand pressed by me.

So the motto of this long post…don’t zig, zag.

And always go with your gut.

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