F*&K You 2020 Indeed

image of a female outside a house in a garden giving two middle fingers to teh sky

It's been quite the year hasn't it?

And this social impact agency created a campaign based on giving the middle finger to 2020.

Public Inc believe in doing things with purpose. They believe that understanding and making your impact in the world is not just about what you say but also about what you do.

They've worked with many big name brands from Tiffany & Co, airbnb and Aviva creating campaigns and ideas that make an impact in this ever changing world.

Check out the video below for the campaign idea that they had to get people to donate to the Mental Health Coalition in the US. They bought a specific phone number, 1-877-EFF-THIS, and encouraged people to text the middle finger emoji after watching the video with their donation.

Read more about this project here.

 What would you give the middle finger to?

I'm going to make a list and come back to you. I could be some time...



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