a hand foiled card with the message With Love From Alderney on it surrounded by rose gold foil and the paper the phrase was tested on before the metal die was used.

Claudia is the owner of Sew Much Fun in Alderney, a small island that's a stone's throw from Guernsey and the French coastline. I had never heard of it so when Claudia got in touch to place an order for wholesale I was intrigued. 

The island is pretty gorgeous and full of independent businesses. It's three miles long, quite unspoilt, has beautiful sandy beaches, a diverse landscape and it's full of wildlife waiting to be spotted.

Even in Winter it looks magical. I. Am. Sold. I do like to wander the planet and this place looks like it would tick many boxes.

I was pretty chuffed when Claudia asked to create a bespoke card for her shop in the Text From A Friend style. Creating a unique card for customers is a bit more special and personal don't you think?

Hi Claudia. Tell us the story about Sew Much Fun and how you came to have the shop?
I've always made and sold hand sewn goods. I always wanted a shop based on handmade (had to wait until my sons were old enough to be left alone for small amounts of time). I started out with just my own handmade items and over the years crammed in loads of beautiful items.
I was born here in Alderney then went to the UK to college for 5 years. I've always loved making bits to sell at markets to help fund having 3 boys. I took over industrial embroidery machines from a business that was up for sale  9 1/2years ago. I started off making kids fleeces, shopping bags etc and here we are.

Having an inviting shop which is packed full of amazing items from small businesses is the best. Having people come back year after year saying it's their favourite shop is the best. I'm always looking for new things to make or find a supplier for is a challenge.
When choosing products to buy how important is the handmade element?
It's paramount to my shop. A lot of stock you can buy is mass produced and frankly boring so having handmade is the best feeling to support other like minded people.  75% of my stock is small businesses and ones that supply myself only (due to how small our island is it is a massive plus to me if the suppliers only sell to me here)
You have a great range of cards in the shop, how important is stationery to your customers and you?
I started out without any at all but slowly I added unique cards and the customers loved them. I now have a great selection of simple but beautiful cards that people love.
We loved that you asked us to create a bespoke card for you. What was the reason behind that?
Alderney is a very special place and having unique cards for people here is a massive bonus. I will be getting more bespoke cards soon.
Tell us about your favourite spots in Alderney? Where do you like to eat, shop?
Alderney is a simply beautiful place. Not easy or cheap to get to but a little bit of paradise when you get here. The freedom to wander at your own pace is my favourite part. The views are breathtaking and unforgettable. Our town is a quaint little cobbled street filled with small independent shops. You won't find a single branded shop here.
Alderney looks an amazing island to escape to. When is the best time of year to visit and what is top of the list to see?
The wild windy winters can be amazing as long as you aren't precious about your hair do 🤣 But by far my favourite time of year is the summers. The sunrises are out of this world. We have a week of fun (the 1st week of August) filled with live music, sand castle competitions,  floats,  quarry parties etc and in my 47 years I have never missed the torch light procession which is simply a stunning experience.
Are there any interesting facts about Alderney that you want to share? What’s a well kept secret?
Alderney is the only UK land which was a German prison of war camp. We are the only place in the world to have blonde hedgehogs (not albino). Google them...sooo cute). The people here are very friendly and always happy to help you out. 
Thanks for sharing Claudia. So, I don't know about you, but Alderney has now made it on my list of places to visit. 
Shop with Claudia at Sew Much Fun.
Follow Sew Much Fun on Instagram.
Visit Alderney.
hand holding a white card with the phrase with love from alderney handwritten and hand foiled on the front
a view inside the shop of Sew Much Fun in Alderney and the many products they stock

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